Transition to high school

Looking for a high school

Again there is the stress of looking for a school that will welcome your family and work with you to provide the best possible environment to support your teenager in the high school years.

The transition to high school is also often a stressful period for children. The change in environment, daily routine, academic structure and expectations is challenging for many students with autism.

Start planning and preparing early! With limited places and sometimes long waitlists it can take a long time to find the right school.

Transitioning to secondary school

There is a range of options for autistic children who are transitioning from primary to secondary settings and parents, in partnership with their child’s primary teachers, are the best placed to decide on the best secondary school choice for your child.

This can mean a child who has been in a supported environment in primary school moves to a mainstream setting. Sometimes it means moving from a mainstream setting to a more supported environment.

Once the choice has been made, a good secondary school will be able to advise on how your child can be transitioned into their school. This can mean visits to the school ahead of the school year, walks through the school when other students aren’t present, visits to the classroom/classrooms they will be frequenting and meeting support staff and/or teachers ahead of term one.

If your choice of secondary school doesn’t have a clear transition plan for your child, you can find comprehensive transition plans on the Amaze website.

“Having a diagnosis empowered us to assess the different school options and make an informed decision on where our child would go.”