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AUStism in the Pub

AUStism in the Pub

By popular demand we’re excited to announce a second event with Chris Bonnello of Autistic Not Weird.

As part of our recently launched ‘AUStism’ speaker series Chris will be joining us in his first ever visit to Australia. He’ll be presenting at our feature event ‘AUStism at the House’, and for those who want to get to know more about him and hear his story we’re also hosting a special evening with Chris on the 3rd of April, ‘AUStism in the Pub.’

Brits love a beer, so pairing a talk from a young British writer with a city centre pub location seemed like a natural fit.

Taking place at Hotel CBD in Sydney, ‘AUStism in the Pub’ will see Chris take audiences on a journey from his childhood as a “weird kid” through to his eventual Asperger’s diagnosis at the age of 25, and how he came to be ‘Captain Quirk’ author of autisticnotweird.com.

Originally a primary school teacher turned award-winning writer and speaker, Chris now has an army of more than a million readers tuning into his blog to hear his advice and insights on autism, all with his wonderful sense of humour and compassion.

Event Details

Tuesday 3 April 2018
Club Bar (Private function)
Hotel CBD, Sydney
6:00pm – 8:00pm
Drinks & light refreshments will be served

Meet Our Speaker:

Chris Bonnello is a former primary school teacher with Asperger’s Syndrome, who has also worked in special education. He is now an award-winning writer and speaker on autism issues, and author of autisticnotweird.com.

Bonnello was first assessed for autism in 1989, at the age of four. Despite a damning report into his deficiencies, he did not receive a diagnosis since he was deemed academically capable. At the age of ten, an educational psychologist reported him as having a “slightly odd personality”. Since his Asperger Syndrome diagnosis at the age of 25, he has turned his attitude around and defined himself by his strengths rather than his weaknesses, and encourages other autistic people to see their own strengths.

Having qualified as a teacher and worked in both primary and special education, he launched Autistic Not Weird in April 2015, to share his insights from both a personal and professional perspective. This venture has seen his website receive almost 1.5 million page hits, and attracted 70,000 followers to his Facebook page.

Bonnello delivers talks (nationally and internationally), has been nominated for two awards to date (winning one), played chess internationally (winning nothing), captains his local Boys’ Brigade company, and published his first book in 2016.

His personality remains slightly odd.