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10 Nov

It’s about so much more than just social skills

For many young autistic adults and their parents/carers, choosing to take part in the Chill program has been life changing. This innovative social skills coaching program helps young autistic adults learn new skills, build friendships and become more independent. Lachlan’s mum, Kristine, says “His confidence has grown so much, he believes in himself and is willing to try new things.”

Chill Online is far from your average social skills program, it uses popular mediums of drama, music, film and social media to engage participants in a fun and creative experience. What makes the program so successful is that participants are supported by peer mentors, many of whom are on the spectrum and have participated in the Chill program themselves.

For many autistic people, getting out of their comfort zone can be a huge challenge and it takes a lot of courage. Boudiccea joined Chill to “meet people who would understand and accept me for who I am.” While Hamish joined the program because he wanted to make friends and feel less ‘alone’. Since he became a Chillie (participant) he says he has "learnt so much about how to connect with others and my confidence has grown from leaving my comfort zone”.

The program helps empower young autistic adults to self direct their own social choices, build their confidence, have fun and connect with their peers, all in a safe and respectful online environment.

Mary can't believe the changes in her son Patrick since he became a Chillie, “he has so much more confidence since joining the program. He’s far more independent and motivated in using his 'Chill skills' when meeting people. He is so much happier having his Chill family in his life.”

Chill Online offers participants the choice of 4 different programs depending on their area of interest and need – Chill Foundation, Chill Plus, Chill Money and Chill on the Grill. Each program is facilitated by peer mentors and uses interactive strategies to keep participants engaged.

What’s the best part about being in the Chill program? According to Jerry “Honestly, it's just fun. I've never laughed so much in a program like this. Chill has the funniest group of people ever. If Chill wasn't fun, I wouldn't come.” And Boudiccea agrees, “The fun. We're there to learn social skills obviously but it's just so much fun I want to keep going back again and again, and I really enjoy learning the skills because of it.”

And we believe that’s exactly what learning should be, fun! No one wants to sign up for a boring, old school, repetitive program!

Chill Online is so much more than just learning new skills, it’s about making connections and growing your independence.  

“Bella is so enthusiastic about attending Chill, she feels connected and valued. She has a strong sense of belonging within the Chill community, she is really happy” shares mum Sophie.

Sandy’s mum, Jane tells us “Chill is the best thing that has happened to/for us in many years. Sandy has, indeed, found his tribe and I no longer have to take charge of most aspects of Sandy's life. Chill has given him and me more independence.”

Everyone deserves to find their tribe and Chill Online helps young autistic adults do just that.

Chill Online is subsidised by an ILC grant and you can use your NDIS funding to cover the reduced program fee.

Enrolments for Term 2 are now open! For more information and to enrol please CLICK HERE
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