A collage of photos of autistic people and families with autism.
6 Apr

Autism Awareness Month 2023

It's Autism Awareness Month!

Although we're always raising awareness here at Autism Awareness Australia, we encourage everyone, regardless of their connection to autism, to take the time to educate themselves this April. Whether you're autistic yourself or totally new to the community, there's always more to learn and understand about autism and its incredible diversity.

Keep reading to find out what we've been up to so far this April, and how we can provide support to autistic Australians and the people that love and care for them.

World Autism Awareness Day

World Autism Awareness/Acceptance Day was created to recognise and celebrate the incredible contribution autistic people make to our world.

This year's theme was all about transforming the narrative, and ensuring we are focusing on accepting, supporting and including autistic people when advocating for rights and freedoms. This is something we are very passionate about Autism Awareness Australia, and strive to do every day, not just on April 2nd.

This year, we celebrated April 2nd with our AUStism event in Melbourne. We were so thankful to everyone who joined us, and to our speakers who shared their advice and experiences so openly and generously. Head to our socials to see some photos from the event, and stay tuned for some exciting video content.

A young girl with short black hair is held by her parents.

Autism: What Next? 

Have you or someone you know just received an autism diagnosisAutism: What Next? provides a comprehensive toolkit for autistic children and autistic adults navigating the first 12-18 months following a diagnosis, as well as information for the family, friends and professionals that support them. Check out the free, evidence-based resources for all ages and backgrounds on the website today.

And finally, check out these videos about autism and the unique sides of it that often go overlooked.

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