image with Jo Abi Jana Pittman, michael Theo and Al Campbell advertising AUStism Sydney and Melbourne events
1 Feb

AUStism 2023

For a third year, AUStism challenged, informed and inspired us by uplifting the stories, experiences and advice of a sensational line-up of speakers within the autistic community. These real stories from real people were funny, tough, compelling, bittersweet and stayed with us long after the event had finished.

Autism presents differently for every person diagnosed. It’s a ‘spectrum’ of experience, with many wonderful, and often challenging, ‘shades’ for the people living with it and those who love them.

At Autism Awareness Australia, we are committed to raising awareness and understanding of all types of autism. Our incredible and diverse line-up of speakers included Jana Pittman, Michael Theo, Al Campbell, Jo Abi and many more. If you are a parent/carer, autistic teen/adult, family member, educator or simply interested in learning more about autism, AUStism is made for you! 

Scroll down to watch the recordings of our AUStism Melbourne Event, which was held on World Autism Awareness Day:

Speakers included:

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