Teens and young adults


Sexuality & relationships

Sexuality — the way a person feels about their body and attraction to and intimacy with others — is an importance part of human development.

While preteens and teens with ASD develop physically on the same time line as their peers, they often need additional support to manage the challenges that come along with developing sexuality.

It’s essential that children and teenagers with ASD be provided with developmentally appropriate sex education — covering puberty changes, personal hygiene, social skills, contraception, sexual behaviour, and rights and wrongs — adjusted to suit the cognitive abilities of the child. Without it your teen will be exposed to genuine risks, including pregnancy, sexual abuse and accusations of sexual deviancy.

Refer to the health and safety section for more information and links to relevant resources.

‘Parents can’t put their head in the sand and pretend things won’t change. Teenagers will be teenagers regardless of autism!”