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We believe in building partnerships, not just sponsorships.

We work with our sponsors and their staff to create meaningful engagement and a mutually beneficial relationship.
What most people don’t know is that we aren’t government funded nor do we currently receive recurrent funding. All our work is funded through sponsorships and generous donations from our supporters.

Our campaigns and events have reached millions of Australians and we are proud to have delivered all of our projects free for families.

Whether it’s empowering parents/carers with quality information and resources, delivering targeted educational programs to families and professionals or creating genuinely inclusive opportunities for people on the autism spectrum within our community, we firmly believe in providing everything we do at no cost to families.

We host a range of events and campaigns nationwide, offering organisation the opportunity to enhance their brand while showing their support for an important community cause.

We appreciate that every company is unique, with different objectives, different budgets and different goals. With this in mind, we are always happy to work with you to try and create a tailored sponsorship package that best fits your brand and culture.

To discuss sponsoring one of our upcoming projects please contact us.