Educational resources

All Means All

All Means All is the Australian Alliance for Inclusive Education, a nationwide multi-stakeholder alliance working together to implement an inclusive education system for all students. An excellent source of information for parents and students with a very helpful ‘Inclusion Toolkit”. 

Autism Classroom

On the site you will find information about teaching children with autism, running a successful autism classroom, setting up spaces in the home and community for a child with autism, locate books and apps helpful in educating children with autism.

Autism CRC – Educational Needs Analysis

The Educational Needs Analysis is a world first research project that gathered the perspectives of 1,500 educators, parents, specialists and students to determine and better understand the educational needs of students on the autism spectrum, aged 5 to 18.  

Autism Discussion Page

Led by mental health specialist Bill Nason, this popular Facebook page and series of books helps provides parents, teachers, and therapists with simple and effective strategies for helping children with autism.

Autism Teen Well-being

Where you will find resources and strategies to help build protective factors against depression and anxiety for young people on the spectrum.
The website is designed for parents, teachers, schools and communities.

I Behavior Training

Online behaviour training via video tutorial delivered in individual skill specific modules. Specific content available for both parents and educators.

Inclusion In Early Childhood

A video series from the Autism Association of Western Australia designed to be watched by Early Childhood Educators, Teachers and Education Assistants to support the inclusion of children with Autism in Early Childhood Education

InclusionED – Autism CRC

An online professional learning community, co-designed with educators, for educators. It provides free evidence-based and research-informed teaching practices and tools to support diverse learners in inclusive classrooms.

Positive Partnerships

Online training course for teachers, school leaders and other education professionals can access workshop manuals, along with online learning sessions on a range of topics including: supporting behaviour, communication, bullying, transitions and making friends.

Positively Autism

A resource website for parents, teachers, behavior analysts, SLPs, OTs, and anyone who works on behalf of children and adults on the spectrum. Online tools to help you create motivating, effective, and meaningful teaching and intervention plans.

ReThink Autism

An online portal with a range of lessons across various levels of functioning and ages. Offers video examples of how to teach along with written procedure sheets

Sue Larkey

Sue is a teacher with decades of experience with autism. Her website is a terrific resource with many books for teachers as well as parents. Sue also runs workshops throughout Australia.

The Flashcards

The Flashcards is one product delivered to your door that includes programs for speech, fine motor and school readiness with over 700 supporting visuals to teach both verbal and non-verbal children.

The Inclusive Class

Rich with material to help parents and teacher create a more inclusive, supportive school environment for their students with special needs.


For learning and attention issues (primarily for parents)
Evidence based ideas and support provided by 15 non profit organisations devoted to helping children with learning and attention issues.

Wandering and Drowning Prevention toolkit

Nearly 50% of individuals with ASD wander. 90% of deaths in the ASD population group (under 14yrs old) is a result of drowning. This toolkit equips parents, educators and keys stakeholders with a range of preventative and reactive strategies and resources, designed by clinical specialists, which aim to mitigate the associated risks.