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Autism Awareness Australia calls for action

Autism Awareness Australia calls for action

Autism Awareness Australia calls for action re: stories of alleged abuse and neglect from Australia’s leading autism service provider.

In light of the repeated stories of the alleged abuse and neglect by Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect), today Autism Awareness Australia is publicly calling for the resignation of Adrian Ford as CEO. It is simply unacceptable for ‘Australia’s leading autism service provider’ to have repeated allegations of mistreatment of the individuals in their care.

The CEO’s decision not to appear on last night’s 7.30 Report to discuss and address these allegations is simply inexcusable from an organisation entrusted with people’s welfare and in receipt of government funding. It is insulting that the organisations only comment to 7.30 Report was that they refused to come on air as the story was ‘old news’.

Families receiving services from Aspect should well be asking questions, demanding answers and receiving assurances from the organisation’s leadership team.

“Individuals with autism under the care of service providers like Aspect deserve their absolute protection, care and respect of their human rights” said Nicole Rogerson, CEO of Autism Awareness Australia.  “These stories are incredibly distressing and we simply must do better as an autism community to bring those responsible to account for such appalling practices.”

It is encouraging to see Victoria has launched a parliamentary inquiry into whether there are adequate services and support for Victorians living with autism. The allegations against Aspect, along with 150 other submissions will form part of the inquiry.

We urge all states to follow Victoria’s example and launch similar investigations to evaluate the quality and adequacy of autism services and supports nationally.

We simply must do better for all Australians on the autism spectrum.

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