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DAD… a film about autism and fatherhood – Online Now!

DAD… a film about autism and fatherhood – Online Now!

‘DAD… a film about autism and fatherhood’ is available to watch in full and free at www.dadfilm.com.au! In addition to our short documentary you’ll find 12 bonus footage segments which take a closer look at some of the topics covered in the film, a collection of resources especially for fathers and profiles of the dads featured in the film.

What is DAD film?

Becoming a parent isn’t something you can ever truly prepare for. When your child is diagnosed with a developmental delay, everything you think you knew about parenthood changes.  Often the few support systems available are tailored towards mothers – but where does that leave dad?

DAD is a documentary created to provide guidance, information, and support to fathers with children on the autism spectrum. The film shares the stories of twelve Aussie fathers as they discover a whole new world of parenting and what it means to be a dad.

Why a film about dads?

Sharing stories and experiences is how we learn and support one another – something we think mums have been doing pretty well. Over the years the voices of mums in our community have been amazingly loud and fierce. But it was time to share the stage, it was time to hear from the dads. Which is why we brought together 12 Australian dads of all different ages and vastly different backgrounds to tell their stories. Stories of success, of struggle and of family. Each one of them is so different, but with one thing in common – a child on the autism spectrum.