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Chill Online – Term one enrolments now open!

Chill Online – Term one enrolments now open!

We are excited to announce that Autism Awareness Australia and Code Blue for Autism are partnering to bring you Chill Online.

Over the last few years we’ve seen first-hand how incredible the Chill program is, and the positive difference it’s making in the lives of autistic young adults in Brisbane… and well, we figured that’s just not right, why should they be the only ones?

We believe everyone deserves to find their tribe… and so, the idea for Chill Online was born!

What is Chill Online?

Chill is a strength based social skills coaching program for young adults 18 plus on the autism spectrum.  It’s currently offered as face-to-face workshops (in Brisbane) however the program has been adapted so that we can now deliver it as an online home-based model, making it accessible to young autistic adults across Australia.

Supported by peer mentors, these online interactive workshops use video illustration, peer demonstrations, role-play and social situation rehearsals. The program uses popular mediums of drama, music, film and social media to engage participants in a fun and creative experience.  This is far from your average social skills program!

In addition to learning new skills, Chill Online gives participants the opportunity to connect with their peers, grow friendships, be supported and respected, have fun and build their confidence.  

This one-year pilot program is subsidised by the NDIS through an ILC grant, which means we have the rare opportunity to offer participants a significantly reduced fee to take part.  The fee is also NDIS claimable. 

It also means places are limited! If you are interested in joining Chill Online, please complete the enrolment form below.

“Chill has helped me to become more independent.
I like Chill on the Grill because I’ve learnt to cook by myself and get to socialise at the same time”
Louise, Chill participant (aka Chillie)


Term One Program

During Term one there are 2 programs on offer

Chill Foundation – mandatory for all Chillies (participants)
An introduction to the Chill program and the foundation for building social skills and connections with peers. Chillies are supported by peer mentors in this online home-based interactive program.
The program focuses on conversation skills, both in person and over the phone/video, handling rejection, dating, empathy, compliments and social media, texting and messaging skills.

Chill on the Grill
An online home-based interactive and peer mentor assisted cooking program.
Using Zoom, each session focuses on simple but healthy gourmet recipes that motivate participants to cook and develop independence in the kitchen.
Each week the class culminates in a shared meal where conversation about the cooking experience brings participants together.
A pre-requisite to Chill on the Grill is being enrolled in, or completion of the Chill Foundation program.

Some important things to know before you apply...

  • The program is open to young autistic adults aged 18yrs plus across Australia
  • The program will be held 100% online, so access to the internet and a laptop/computer/tablet are essential.
  • Term one will commence on the 4th of October 2021 and runs for 10 weeks.
  • During Term one there are 2 programs on offer – Chill Foundation (mandatory) and Chill on the Grill
  • Chill Foundation is a mandatory program for all Chillies (participants)
  • This is a one-year pilot program, which is subsidised by the NDIS through an ILC grant.
  • There is a reduced fee of $500 per program per term, which is NDIS claimable.
  • The program fee is covered under following NDIS support categories
    CORE – (1) Assistance with Daily Life (includes SIL) and (4) Assistance with Social & Community Participation
    CAPACITY BUILDING – (9) Increased social and Community Participation, (11) Improved Relationships and (15) Improve Daily Living
  • Once you’ve submitted your enrolment form you will be contacted to make an appointment for an online Zoom enrolment meeting to ascertain your placement.
  • Enrolments close 27 August 2021