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as|careers – an autism employment hub

as|careers – an autism employment hub

as|careers is a prototype website for autism employment that was presented at the recent [email protected] event in Sydney. as|careers is intended as a way of overcoming some of the barriers to full employment of adults on the autism spectrum. as|careers is conceived as a ‘virtual marketplace’ where community- building and knowledge-sharing is as important as the transactional elements of job-seeking.

The website will bring together the three key groups for successful employment of people with autism:

  1. Job-seekers
  2. Employers
  3. Sector service providers.

as|careers aims to empower career-seekers to compete on the basis of their unique talents by guiding them through skills assessment, using a unique matching algorithm to suggest suitable jobs and providing a personal profile for use in any job-seeking activity. For employers, as|careers will link them with an untapped talent pool as well as supplying case studies, best practice and success stories around autism employment. The plan is for sector service providers – such as autism peak bodies, disability employment services and grass roots organisations – to provide services and support to both employers and career-seekers.

How as|careers is different

  • Based on a ‘many-to-many’ business model, where the community becomes self-supporting and integrates with existing offline services
  • Focuses on enabling career-seekers to successfully identify and promote their unique talents, and employers to adjust their hiring processes
  • Being technology-driven, is easy to scale
  • Recognises that the barriers to employment begin with job-seeker and employer self-knowledge
  • Incorporates evidence-based tools where these exist

How as|careers works for Employers

  • Provides access to wealth of knowledge articles, case studies and success stories
  • Enables employers to connect with service providers in a dedicated online community
  • Employers can post details of available positions
  • Builds employer’s profile as an ‘autism-friendly’ workplace

as|careers was developed by the Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre at La Trobe University with input from the autism community and in association with its partners Salesforce.org, DXC, Cooperative Research Centre for Living with Autism and Specialisterne.

To keep updated with developments on as|careers, please go here.