Life stages

Life stages

Here you will find information and personal stories relevant to the various stages of life.

Autism is a lifelong condition that can present both significant challenges and opportunities. No one can predict with certainty how the life path for any child with autism will unfold, but we can provide quality information and valuable insights to make that journey smoother. Along with original content, we have included links to some of the best related material from other sources.

Families with little ones can jump straight into the Early Years section — not surprisingly, it contains a heavy focus on early intervention options as well as managing the day to day challenges.
The transition to school is a huge step both for the kids as well as for their families. There are many things that parents and carers will need to know. This is also the age when children might start to notice some differences and to ask about them. Brace yourself!
Teenagers on the spectrum and their families can find a section just for them with information and links to other useful resources.
Autistic adults can find some helpful links to resources in the section dedicated to their needs.
We are very keen to expand all these sections and welcome input on any additional resources you think could be helpful. Please email your suggestions to: [email protected].