Industries we work with

Ultimately, we’d love to see all industries embrace an inclusive customer experience. However, we specialise in working with four key industries who we have identified as being particularly important to the day to day experience of customers with invisible disabilities.


The autism community is driving demand in NDIS services. InvisAbility helps support staff to be confident in meeting the complex needs of this audience to ensure higher retention of both NDIS customers and skilled staff.

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The stressful nature of illness – particularly in emergencies – increases the likelihood of communication and behavioural breakdowns. InvisAbility helps frontline health professionals feel confident in tackling these incidents safely and respectfully.

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From public attractions to airlines, customers with a disability will make up 25 percent of the tourism market by 2020. InvisAbility helps you identify and remove barriers that may be deterring visitors with invisible disabilities from using your services, so you can tap into this valuable market segment.

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Retail and Hospitality

Organisations that demonstrate respect and empathy during difficult situations stand out to customers with invisible disabilities. InvisAbility helps companies provide customer service that creates loyal customers and positive word of mouth.

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We have worked with a number of different companies to address the issue of inclusion. Here’s a snapshot of the feedback received:

“Once again, a huge thank you for your coordination of this training. Charmaine was a great presenter, and the feedback I have had from my staff is that they learnt a lot of information that can be applied, not only to our clients with ASD, but from all walks of life. I particularly enjoyed the clip at the beginning – it was wonderfully done, and tugs at the heartstrings a bit.”

Michelle Gordon – Human Resources and Quality Manager, Quality Healthcare

“Thank you very much once again for the visit and workshops. I know what it’s like just trekking from Australia to Muscat and then to complete 3 days of workshops of that quality and content was simply amazing. We have received nothing but positive comments from the workshops which is very encouraging and drives us to deliver again next year.”

Steve Johnson – Founder, Golf Fore Autism

“We had such terrific feedback after the last training session that we wanted to run it again please!”

Sophie Masters – Manager of Visitor Services, Australian Museum