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InvisAbility is a new initiative from Autism Awareness Australia that helps organisations be better at diversity and inclusion. It really is that simple.

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You might be wondering, what the heck are invisible disabilities?

Invisible disabilities, or hidden disabilities, are conditions or challenges that are not physically obvious. For the most part, they are neurological in nature and vary in their level of severity. These can include autism, developmental and intellectual delays, to name but a few.

There are over 1.2 million* Australians affected by invisible disabilities.

Why do we want you to know this?

Because those 1.2 million people are an exceptional opportunity for organisations to gain new customers, increase your brand awareness, and build a reputation for providing exceptional customer experiences to all humans regardless of ability.

In short – you get more customers spending their money with you (which is kind of the reason you run a business – right?).

So, what are the gaps in your customer experience?

We help organisations gauge how inclusive their customer experience really is and how they can improve their customer experience to reap the commercial rewards.

*This number is based on 1% of the Australian population having autism, and 2% of the Australian population having global developmental delay, total 723,000 people. 78% of these individuals will have a parent or carer, which bring the total audience to over 1.2 million people. This number is likely to be understated. It does not include a number of other cognitive disabilities that are also considered “invisible” such as dementia and acquired brain injury.