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Future planning

Planning for the future

It won’t necessarily be at the top of your list in the early days, but sooner or later it is essential to plan long term for your family.

It’s important you make a plan to ensure financial security, independence and/or care arrangements for your child.

When planning, take into consideration your family situation, your child’s level of needs and supports, their wants and desires for their future, any additional medical needs and of course other siblings.
Some areas to consider include:

  • Make a financial plan
  • Create a will
  • Check your insurance needs
  • Look at taxation issues and possible tax deductions
  • Look into Special Disability Trusts
  • Appointing a guardian or power of attorney

These matters are complex and so it is advisable to seek professional help. Talk to a financial planner and/or a specialist lawyer and seek advice on the best options to suit your family and circumstances.

While thinking too far ahead can feel daunting, here are some good news stories from parents who have found innovative accommodation, employment and support options for their adult children with ASD.

SILC logo

Supported Independent
Living Co-Operative

SILC aims to assist families to connect and create sustainable homes and life experiences for their family member living with disability. Click here to watch a segment from ABC News on the innovative approach SILC takes.

Artosaurus Gallery & Studios

An inclusive art gallery with a focus on lifelong learning for artists of all abilities, providing art classes and workshops for Tasmanian artists to exhibit and sell their work and building a safe and supportive art community. See more

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The Junction Project

A group of parents in the Hunter devised an innovative living arrangement for their adult children with disabilities. Click here to read their story on the ABC News site.

Helpful resources

“Parents of older children tell me I need to start thinking into the future and plan for when my child is much older, but I am so busy in the here and now. But I know its essential to plan for our whole family’s future”