what are you doing written on blackboard with with child's hand and two cartoon characters beside
29 Jan

What Are You Doing? A Film About Autism

What are you doing?’ is a short film created by Autism Awareness Australia which aims to teach school-aged children about acceptance and understanding of their peers with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Narrated by television personality Tom Gleisner and written by 
‘The Other Country’ author Michael Whelan, the film includes enlightening interviews with the brothers, sisters, cousins, and friends of children on the spectrum. Through beautiful imagery, engaging narrative and quirky animation, ‘What are you doing?’ sends the all important message of inclusion and understanding of all those with ASD by their peers and within their communities. It has received glowing reviews at its three premieres in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and has enormous support from parents and educators across the country.

A free copy of ‘What are you doing?’ along with accompanying teaching materials was distributed to every school in Australia in 2012, totalling over 10,000 copies nationwide.

Click here to watch the full film.

Download the Teacher Resources Kits below:

If you are interested in purchasing a hard copy of ‘What Are You Doing?’, email us at office@autismawareness.com.au