Child with autism and man riding waves together in the surf
30 Jan

Surfers Healing Australia

Surfers Healing

AustraliaFrom 2015 to 2018 Autism Awareness Australia teamed up with US not for profit, Surfers Healing, to introduce the unique experience of surfing to children on the autism spectrum. We rode waves together to tap into the tranquillity of the ocean, which can help calm the sensory overload that can often accompany autism.

What is Surfers Healing Australia?

On the surface, it seems simple, our surf days gave children with autism and their families a fun, engaging day at the beach. But go deeper, and you’ll see it’s was so much more than that. Through the simple act of surfing, we were defying the status quo.

When we helped kids get up on a board, we challenged preconceived notions of capability. When we encouraged participants to dive in, we supported them to engage with the world. And when we went out and rode waves together, we empowered families to believe their kids ‘can’.

Over the course of 4 years thousands of autistic children and young adults took part in our free surf days. Events took place across 3 states including NSW, QLD and WA.

We’d like to thank the Mazda Foundation and Hawaiian airlines for their support in making these events possible.