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10 Oct

Navigating Fussy Eating for Autistic Children

*This webinar has now ended. Scroll down to watch the recording!*

Imagine a world where your child enjoys meal times, is comfortable to explore new flavours, and benefits from a balanced diet. Now imagine if you could make this a reality. 

On October 10th, we hosted a practical and judgement-free conversation with Autism Partnership about overcoming fussy eating. This isn't just another webinar; it's an opportunity to gain practical insights, actionable tips and effective strategies from a leading expert in the field, National Clinical Director of Autism Partnership Karen McKinnon. Karen's wealth of experience and in depth understanding of autism will guideyou on how to support your child in expanding their palate. She shares strategies to make mealtimes more enjoyable, help your child discover new foods and improve their overall nutrition.

So, if you want to address mealtime challenges with expert advice in a supportive environment, watch the webinar recording below!

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