A young girl and teacher sitting on a classroom floor with the words 'Navigating Autism: The Early Years.'
19 Feb

Navigating Autism: The Early Years

About the course

‘Navigating Autism: The Early Years’ empowers early childhood educators to confidently and effectively support autistic children and their parents and carers. Designed with the help of parents, professionals and other educators, it contains free, evidence-based information and resources that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

What does it cover?

This course provides early childhood educators with a comprehensive understanding of autism, along with practical tools and strategies to support autistic children and create an inclusive and positive environment for all. From forming relationships with a child’s family to teaching through play, this 8 module video learning course offers practical strategies that educators of all ages, stages and backgrounds can implement into their day to day.

Upon completion, educators will be eligible for a graduation certificate.

How to access the course

You can learn more about 'Navigating Autism: The Early Years' and enrol for free by tapping on the button below!

What educators have to say

‘This course covered many areas and was clear and easy to attend to. I felt that the way it covered the child, family, service, educators and external services and supports was very well done. Thank you for providing such a wonderful free resource.’
‘Navigating Autism: The Early Years’ has also provided me not only a comprehensive understanding of autism, but also an insight into children's behaviours across the board.’