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12 Sep

Mastering Toilet Training for Autistic Children

*This webinar has now passed. Scroll down to watch the recording!*

Autism Awareness Australia and Autism Partnership invite you to watch our webinar, "Mastering Toilet Training for Autistic Children.’

We understand that toilet training can be challenging, especially when navigating the unique needs of autistic children. That's why we designed this webinar together with Autism Partnership to empower you with practical, evidence-based strategies to make this journey smoother and more successful for you and your child. Karen McKinnon, Clinical Director at Autism Partnership, shares her professional advice and experience toilet training hundreds of autistic children throughout her career. She provides clear, easy to follow, practical information around toilet training for autistic children that’s backed by evidence and experience.

If you’re a parent/carer of a young autistic child under six who is about to embark on toilet training, or is experiencing some challenges with toilet training, this is a webinar you'll want to watch! Scroll down to have your questions answered with sound advice and without judgement:

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