A collage of twelve men of diverse ages and backgrounds with a black box in the middle. Inside the box is yellow writing which reads 'Dad Film Breakfast Event' and lighter yellow writing which reads 'Tuesday 5th September, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.' Underneath is the autism awareness logo (an 'a' in a speech bubble with the words 'Autism Awareness Australia' to the right and another logo with the words 'WeFlex: NDIS Personal Training.'
5 Sep

DAD Film Breakfast Event

A morning of connection and celebration for the autism community.

On Tuesday 5th September, we hosted our DAD Film Breakfast Event, a special morning to celebrate dads and carers as part of Father's Day.

Held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, the morning kicked off with a delicious breakfast followed by a screening of our short documentary 'DAD'. We also enjoyed a panel discussion with incredible dads and carers Tommy Trout, Dale Hurley and Ryan Gomes, hosted by broadcaster Ian Rogerson who also features in the film.

Thank you to the everyone who attended our breakfast and to our panellists for sharing their stories and advice so openly. Another enormous thank you to our friends at WeFlex for sponsoring the event - make sure to visit their website to check out the wonderful work they do to support the autism community.

Missed our event? Don't worry! Tap here to watch the full documentary and the bonus footage via our YouTube channel.

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