Boy with autism holding apple
13 Oct

Autism...What Next? Summary Survey Report

We are developing a digital tool kit called Autism…What Next? It will be a central hub to help individuals and families navigate the diagnostic process and support them in that first year.

For decades, one of the most common issues in autism has been the lack of quality information and guidance available to parents and individuals seeking and receiving an autism diagnosis. In June 2020, we launched a survey to inform the development and design of a digital toolkit called Autism…What Next? The survey was designed to hear from three groups – parents & carers of autistic children, autistic adults and autistic parents with autistic children. Over 950 respondents told us about their diagnosis experiences and what features and information they would want from the toolkit which will help inform this project and make the process easier for families and individuals in the future.

We would like to acknowledge and thank all respondents for taking the time to complete this survey. We truly value the information provided. Your opinions and experiences matter and if you have any further comments please contact us at