It’s not uncommon for adults to be diagnosed with autism, particularly in the current time.

Many people spend their lives feeling like they don’t quite ‘fit in’. Relationships can be difficult, adapting to the workplace can be a challenge, and they find they are not comfortable in social situations. Some people learn to adapt while for others it can be very isolating.

As an adult, pursuing a diagnosis is a personal choice. It’s important to remember that it can be a very positive and helpful thing. Most autistic adults say it has helped them to understand their own difficulties, and abilities, and can often bring a sense of relief. It also opens up opportunities to connect with other autistic adults and foster new friendships and support networks.

For the purposes of funding, assessment and diagnosis of ASD in adults can be done by psychiatrists or clinical psychologists who are experts in autism.

Contact your state autism association to ask whether they can do assessments themselves or can assist you with finding an expert.

You could also visit your GP who can refer you to a psychologist or psychiatrist, or  use the Find A Psychologist section of the Australian Psychological Society website or Find A Psychiatrist section on the website of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists’ website.

As an Australian citizen you can also get some of the costs for your psychologist / psychiatrist visits covered under medicare. Ask you GP for a ‘Better Access to Mental Health care Plan’. Full details are here