Autism: What next?

Autism: What Next?

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Autism: What Next? is a free digital toolkit, a central hub to help individuals and families navigate the first year following an autism diagnosis.

For decades, one of the most common issues in autism has been the lack of quality information and guidance available to parents of children or families and individuals seeking and receiving an autism diagnosis.

Thrown into a world of Google, full of misleading and inaccurate information, people are left feeling helpless, confused and frustrated at a time when they are at their most vulnerable. They spend countless hours and funds seeking the best information and resources that should be readily available in one place.

Now, it is -

Autism: What Next? will ensure people have access to the best quality, evidence-based information and resources to ensure they are empowered to support themselves or their loved ones on the autism spectrum.

Designed and developed by teams of people with lived experience, including autistic adults, parents of children with autism and some of Australia’s leading clinicians working in autism.

Visit today to find out more and signup to receive regular updates from us.Autism: What Next? is a project of Autism Awareness Australia (AAA).

Autism: What Next? is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.

Autism: What Next?

The first free digital toolkit - a central hub to help individuals and families navigate the first year following an autism diagnosis.

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