Mable general manager Meredith Coote
10 Dec

Your Connections Matter

This month our CEO Nicole Rogerson caught up with Mable’s General Manager Meredith Coote to discuss her recent article “There’s Safety in Numbers. Why Your Connections Matter.”

You can watch the conversation here.

Key Takeaways

Why your connections matter

Being around others is really our key to survival and helps us become better seen, heard and known. Looking to the whole community to forge lasting bonds, relationships and support.

What was the underlying principle behind the report and what did you find when you looked at social connectedness?

The South Australian Safeguarding report into abuse and neglect of people with disability highlighted that the biggest risk in people’s lives is loneliness, social isolation, the lack of networks, friends and being known in the community.

Some Autism families may face barriers or challenges and self-isolate naturally away from the community. Some ways to overcome these challenges could be to look at what are other kids around the same age are doing and try to find people to help slowly make those connections. Look for local people to do local things that your child is interested in, for example, swimming, Minecraft etc.

Risk of having one support worker

Not one worker, not one provider can fulfil all your support needs. There is a risk of becoming too dependent on one person and one influence. Try to build a team of support workers, you want another set of eyes & ears not just for security and safety, but more people can bring differing experiences to your support. Spend NDISfunding intentionally, you don’t necessarily need more funding, you can distribute the funds you have across many support workers. Finding support locally helps to build social connectedness within your local community.

Read Meredith’s full article – There’s Safety in Numbers. Your Connections Matter.

You can watch the conversation here.

Mable is a website that enables people with disability and older Australians to connect with independent care and support workers in their local community. Mable helps you connect with care and support workers in your community and choose the people who share your interests and suit your needs best.

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