A blue graphic with white writing that reads 'The Autism Safety Series.' Underneath this text is four circular photos of women with their names and the text 'Navigating familiar and unfamiliar places as an autism family.'
19 Aug

The Autism Safety Series

About the series

Safety is a huge concern for many autism families, particularly when an autistic person is non-verbal or has co-occurring conditions such as an intellectual delay. A lack of support for parents and carers and a lack of awareness in the wider community creates inaccessible and unsafe situations for many autistic people and their families.

That's why we've brought together four autism parents and advocates to share their lived experiences and give practical advice about navigating and prioritising safety. In Part One of our series, we're discussing about establishing and maintaining safety in familiar environments, including home and school. Don't forget to also check out Part Two, where we discuss how to prioritise safety in unfamiliar environments such as holiday destinations and healthcare settings.

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