Three arches with images of men from the autism community inside, including Michael Theo and Hayden McDonald. A blue background is behind them with white text above reading 'Men's Health Week at Autism Awareness Australia.'
15 Jun

Men's Health Week 2023

It's Men's Health Week! 

We've got an exciting week of content lined up at Autism Awareness Australia to mark this year's Men's Health Week. From our panel with four men in the autism community to chats with autism advocates Michael Theo and Hayden McDonald, there's lots to read, watch and listen to - and it's all available on this page! 

Men's Health Week Panel

Four men in the autism community come together to share their firsthand experiences and advice for autistic men and men caring for autistic people. Hosted by our CEO Rob Anderson, the panel features autism dads Vasily Shchegolev and Rob Hale as well as autistic artist Charles Clapshaw.

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'Self-care on the spectrum' with Michael Theo

Launching our newest series is none other than the wonderful Michael Theo! Star of Love on the Spectrum and creator of the Mr A+ podcast, Michael has captured the hearts and minds of Australia with his dapper style, hilarious one-liners and warm personality. Michael strongly believes that it's our differences that make us special and uses his podcast and platform to create safe spaces to express and celebrate these differences.

We can't wait to share our wonderful discussion on the importance of self-care and how autistic people can implement self-care strategies in their daily lives.

Q & A with Hayden McDonald

With a passion for flying planes and autism advocacy, Hayden McDonald is using his lived experience of autism to support other autistic people and their loved ones in regional Australia. We spoke to him earlier in the month about his love of flying planes, the creation of his YouTube channel and how he'll be advocating for autism on his upcoming solo circumnavigation of Australia.

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