Young man with autism looking bewildered at camera
24 Apr

Employable Me

Are you living with Autism or Tourette Syndrome and having trouble finding a job?Northern Pictures are making a documentary series for ABC Television featuring people with neuro-diverse conditions who have had trouble finding work and are keen to find a job that suits their skills and talents. We want to show that having a neurological condition can be viewed as a strength, not a disability in the workplace. With the help of experts and specialists in the field, this uplifting and insightful series will highlight job-seekers’ skills and match them to roles that can harness their strengths. After all, we all deserve the opportunity to work for a living and pay our way. Our production company, Northern Pictures, has produced many award winning television documentaries for both Australian and international broadcasters. So if you are living with Autism or Tourette Syndrome and are looking for work, please get in touch! You can contact us via email: series will be based on the television program, ‘Employable Me’, made for BBC2. If you haven’t seen the series (which aired last year on ABC2 in December 2016), here is the trailer:

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