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10 Feb

Dating, relationships and autism

It’s really common to hear a lot about autism in children but that has led to the discussion of autism in adults being limited until recently.

All people look for connections and being autistic does not change this want and need.

Relationships with others provide us with a sense of belonging and love. Developing relationships that are romantic and intimate is just one form of relationships, but is something that many people desire in their lives once they reach adolescence or adulthood. A good relationship is one determined by mutual desires, needs and wants.


All people have the right to build relationships with others in a respectful and healthy way, but we all need a little help on occasion in navigating the complexity of dating and intimacy. For some autistic people, seeking this support helps to overcome some of the difficulties in starting a relationship or maintaining one. Some people seek help to develop skills in reciprocal communication, or developing understanding of compromise or when there is miscommunication. Some people may want support when it comes to sensuality and the sensory experience of sex and sexuality.

Dating and intimate relationships is like a roller coaster ride. If we have the support, we need to ride the ups and the downs of dating and relationships, it can lead to some of the most thrilling and joyous experiences of our lives.

Hear from relationship expert Jodi Rodgers, Psychologist Hugh Walker and autistic adults about dating on the spectrum.

For more information on relationships, sexuality and gender identify visit our resources at Autism: What Next? dating and relationships section or Autism Awareness Australia.

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