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10 May

Creating sports pathways for children with a disability

Creating pathways for children with a disability to participate in sport through Activate Inclusion Sports Days and Disability Sports Australia.

Participation rates in sport for children with a disability are far lower than their peers without a disability.  Many of these children express a desire to participate but their families are unable to find inclusive activities and sporting organisations in their local communities.

Activate Inclusion Sports Days are aiming to bridge the gap and ensure that all children are able to access inclusive sporting activities and organisations without barriers.

Activate Inclusion Sports Days are for children 5-18 years who have sensory, physical, or intellectual disabilities and encourage and empower kids to explore sporting opportunities in their local communities.

Held during school terms, they give children an opportunity to try sports they may otherwise miss out on. Each event has 6-8 different sports and activities on offer. We showcase everything from Archery and Circus to your more mainstream sports of Football, AFL and Rugby League. We have seen over 6,500 children participate in our events since its creation in 2016 and the program has just launched nationally this year.  

Benefits of attending the day include:

·   the health benefits of physical activity

·   building social wellbeing and friendship

·   strengthening balance, coordination and mobility skills

·   working as part of a team, collaborating and planning

·   increased self-esteem through a sense of achievement

We love seeing the smiling faces and hearing so much laughter at our events but one of the most important aspects of this program is providing the kids with an opportunity to continue their sporting journey in their local communities. This is where Disability Sports Australia’s NDSP National Referral Hub comes in! The hub gives children and their families the opportunity to be linked to local inclusive sporting organisations. Simply fill out your details on the website and our Referral Hub team does the rest. We are aiming to assist over 600,000 Australians with a disability to participate in sport. Referrals can be completed through our website: National Referral Hub — Disability Sports Australia

To register for an Activate Inclusion Sport Day please visit: or contact National Program Manager –Kristy Rohrer at

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