Online forums/ Social media

Angelman, Literacy & Education:

For parents and professionals supporting non verbal or minimally verbal child and/or more complex communication needs.

ASD Matters

Facebook group for families (predominantly in Australia) to experiences, ask questions, to connect with other people and be supported.

Autism Discussion Page

By Bill Nason, MS, LLP, to share tools that help children on the spectrum “feel safe, accepted and competent.”

Autism From A Father’s Point Of View

Stuart Duncan shares his experiences of raising an autistic child from a father’s point of view.

Autism Self Advocacy Network

ASAN is a nonprofit organization run by and for Autistic people, with the dual mission of providing support and services support to individuals on the autism spectrum while also working to educate communities and improve public perceptions of autism.

Autistic Hoya

Very thought provoking site by Georgetown student Lydia Brown, an Autistic and multiply-disabled disability rights activist, scholar, and writer.

Autism Dads Australia

A facebook group of dads of kids with Autism. Offering support to each other, celebrating wins, consoling in losses and generally talking about the unique experiences as dads in a slightly different world.


The Autism-Employment Conversation

A small Facebook group with the stated aim of improving employment outcomes for kids with autism

Autistic Not Weird

Led by Chris Bonnello the page offers articles and advice about autism, from an ex-primary school teacher with Asperger Syndrome.


Online forum for parents of children with special needs:

Diary of a Mom

Personal blog by the mother of an autistic daughter, sharing their family experiences.

Emma’s Hope Book

Well respected author, psychologist and international speaker on Asperger’s and ASD.

Essential Baby

Online forum for parents of children with special needs

Girls and Autism - Parenting Girls on the Autism Spectrum

Facebook page sharing stories about the experiences of parenting girls with autism.

Girls on the Autism Spectrum (Australia)

A Facebook page created by the mother of a teenage girl on the autism spectrum. Aims to create better understanding of girls on the spectrum.

John Elder Robison

Blog of the world famous author, advocate, and Aspergian, John is a well known and respected speaker on the topic of autism.

NDIS Grassroots Discussion

A closed Facebook group for people with disabilities, family members and supporters to discuss the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and the impact it will have on Australians.

Raising Children Network

Online forum for parents of children with ASD:

Sisterhood of the Asperger Girl

A closed Facebook support group for mums of autistic girls

The Thinking Person’s Guide To Autism

Autism blog promoting evidence-based information. Geared toward people on the autism spectrum, their families, professionals, and anyone who wants to learn more.

Yellow Ladybugs

Connecting Girls With Asperger’s/Autism – National Facebook page + Melbourne-based social activities for girls on the spectrum

CID Connect

A NSW online peer support network for people with disabilities and those who care for and support them.