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Autism Awareness Australia is the nation’s leading not-for-profit autism education and advocacy organisation, founded in 2007. We’re dedicated to increasing awareness of autism in the community by providing targeted educational programs for parents and professionals, and advocating for the needs of individuals on the spectrum and their families. 

With autism affecting 1 in 100 Australians, it is the most common developmental disorder in the country. Autism impacts every aspect of a person’s life, inhibiting their ability to communicate and develop social relationships. We understand the unique challenges that families impacted by autism face, and we strive to improve their lives through our various projects.  

We’re never far from the public eye and feature frequently across a range of media. We’ve had many successful campaigns and events to date. Most notably, we are behind Australia’s participation in the annual ‘Light It Up Blue’ campaign, which sees the Sydney Opera House and a number of iconic landmarks around the world lit up blue for World Autism Awareness Day. 

Our campaigns and events have reached millions of Australians. We are proud to have delivered all of our programs free of charge across the country, including rural and regional communities. We’ve produced a short documentary film ‘What are you doing?’ and three television community service announcements. We’ve led advocacy campaigns, distributed information booklets and run numerous free expos, information days, workshops and fundraising campaigns across Australia.

Our work has even been recognised by the United Nations, and we were invited to become a member organisation of their Department of Public Information in 2011. We’re the only Australian autism organisation associated with the UN and have been asked to present at their headquarters in New York in 2011 and 2013.

Our mission is to spark positive change by increasing awareness and understanding of autism in Australia. We hope our efforts will lead to earlier diagnosis and more effective treatments, helping to reduce the impact of autism on a child and their family.


Autism Awareness Australia and the United Nations

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In 2011, Autism Awareness Australia was welcomed as an NGO member of the United Nations Department of Public Information (UNDPI).  We are proud to be the only Australian autism related NGO, and one of only a handful of autism organisations globally, to have been accepted as a member of the UNDPI.

We invited to present as an inspiring NGO, and leading autism education and advocacy organisation, at the annual NGO Orientation Program in June 2011 at the UN headquarters in New York.

In 2013 we were again invited to the UN headquarters in New York to present our short documentary film 'What are you doing?' as part of the World Autism Awareness Day presentation. 

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